The land – its practical utility, rugged beauty, cultural heritage, and natural resources – is what defines western Colorado. West Elks Ecological Consulting brings over 30 years of experience to conserving western Colorado’s mountain landscapes. West Elks combines a keen knowledge of western Colorado’s natural resources with rigorous field study to facilitate effective land conservation and stewardship.

West Elks provides a full suite of consulting services from detailed mapping to biological inventories, baseline documentation for conservation easements, conservation planning and site monitoring. As long time locals we understand and appreciate the natural and community values of open lands that make up Colorado’s Western Slope, and work with our clients to maximize the ecological and economic values of their property. We work to complement the efforts and objectives of private land-owners, non-profit organizations, federal and state agencies and local governments.

West Elks is dedicated to supporting our client’s conservation and stewardship efforts by providing scientifically sound information to base land-use and management decisions. Our experience in the Rocky Mountain West and commitment to providing the highest quality products and services separates West Elks as a superior ecological consulting agency.