BASELINE REPORTS: To establish a conservation easement in the State of Colorado a landowner must commission a Baseline Documentation Report that thoroughly documents the current conditions and ecological values of the property. West Elks adheres to the Standards and Practices set forth by the Land Trust Alliance, and provides all documentation required by the United States Treasury Regulations to qualify for tax credits. Since 2000 West Elks Ecological Consulting has produced over 50 baseline reports for small and large landowners, local governments and major development projects.

EASEMENT MONITORING: Conservation Easements must be monitored each year to ensure compliance with the terms of the easement and to document any changes in the condition of the land. West Elks monitors dozens of properties each year and has developed a standard Annual Monitoring Report to keep landowners and easement holders updated on the condition of the easement.

GIS MAPPING: Since 2004 West Elks Ecological Consulting has provided full Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping services including aerial imagery, topography, land ownership, wildlife, soil and vegetation information and GPS locations.

CONSERVATION PLANS: For clients who wish to maintain and enhance the natural quality and beauty of the their land, West Elks Ecological Consulting will provide an long-term, detailed conservation plan to improve and diversify native plant communities, wildlife habitat and other ecological values.

BIOLOGICAL INVENTORIES: A West Elks biological inventory is a full census of the plants, animals and ecological communities on your property. It tells you what you have, where it is and what condition it is in.

BIOLOGICAL EVALUATION/ASSESSMENT OF PROPERTIES FOR SALE: This is a new service provided by West Elks to give ranch and land buyers an overview of the ecological values and conservation features present on properties they are considering for purchase.

LANDTRUST ACCREDITATION: West Elks’ broad experience with Land Trusts and Conservation Easement documentation and monitoring gives it the ability to assist and guide Land Trusts through the Land Trust Alliance’s accreditation process.  Accreditation ensures that land trusts are soundly run and following best practices so that landowners can be confident that their easement is in good hands.